Scan the QR code of the scooter, or choose the one closest to you in the app.


Do you want to start skating !?

Stand with one foot on the scooter, push off and go for a ride.


Use the switch on the right (smoothly) to accelerate, the stick to brake.
Please do not overspeed. Enjoy your ride!


Drive freely, but be careful. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the road (like when riding a bicycle).


Be attentive to all road users.
Park so that you don’t bother anyone. In designated areas.
We provide penalties for incorrect parking and driving out of the ski area.
Do not go drunk and do not overload the scooter.


Are you finishing your trip?

Take a photo of the parked scooter (we strongly recommend taking pictures of the scooter correctly,
in order to avoid situations associated with the imposition of fines for damage to a vehicle).


Pay attention

The scooter is tracked by GPS.
If the scooter is moved using force and without paying rent, our security service and the police will go after it.
A person who has committed a crime of theft is punished in accordance with Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.