How to start a trip


Before you start your trip, add your bank card to the app.


To start your journey, simply scan the QR code located on the vehicle, or select one of the vehicles near you on the map in the app.


Please read the safety rules and rules for using the vehicle.


Group rides


After activating the first scooter, use the Group ride button to activate the scooter additionally.


How is payment for services


You can pay for services using any bank card of your Apple Pay / Google Pay by adding it to the application with this payment method.
The rental price will be deducted from your balance immediately after the end of the rental.


Users can enable/disable automatic balance replenishment.
As soon as the user’s balance reaches 0 ₴, the system will automatically replenish it from the added bank card by 150 ₴.
If the automatic top-up function is disabled in the settings, the system will stop the vehicle and prompt the customer to top up the balance or end the trip.
Please note: The auto-recharge feature will not work if you use the Apple Pay/Google Pay payment method.


You can change your bank card in your mobile application profile in the My wallet tab by clicking on the Add / change payment cards field.
If your account is in arrears, you will only be allowed to Remove a payment card after it has been redeemed.


Using the Pay debt button in the My wallet section, you can pay off your debt in 1 click.
If there is no money on your card, you can use another card to pay off the debt.
The application will save this card instead of the first one if the payment was successful.


Travel costs


When renting an electric vehicle, you pay for unlocking and a per-minute rate. If you put a trip on pause, this time will also be taken into account.


To check the current rates, click on the vehicle icon on the map – the Pricing button will display this information.


We perform bank card verification (verification) when adding it to the application. This is done to minimize and prevent any fraudulent and unauthorized use of the bank card and information. To check your bank card, 0.99 ₴ will be withdrawn from it to your wallet balance.


Trip cost higher than expected


We are very sorry if the final cost of the trip turned out to be higher than you expected. This could happen due to the following reasons:


You haven’t completed your ride in the app.


You left your vehicle outside the parking zone and a ticket was added to the fare.


Parking ticket


In the following cases, a penalty may be added to the cost of your trip:


You left your vehicle outside of the designated parking area. When attempting to complete a ride outside of an area where parking is allowed, you will receive a notification of the current location of the vehicle and a fine.


You left your vehicle in a non-parking area and the trip was completed automatically.


The boundaries of zones with permitted and prohibited parking are displayed in the application. Areas where parking is allowed are marked in green.




  1. Penalty for parking outside the parking zone / in the forbidden zone determined by the mobile application in the city of Kyiv, 100/250 UAH, if this led to the theft / disappearance of the scooter – a fine in the amount of the balance sheet value of the scooter.
  2. Penalties are also applied if the trip was completed due to lack of funds on the balance.
  3. Penalty for actions / inaction of the User, which led to the call / the need for the departure of the Lessor‘s technicians 500 UAH.
  4. Penalty for improper completion of the lease (without blocking the scooter) UAH 1500, if this led to the theft/disappearance of the scooter – a fine in the amount of the balance sheet value of the scooter.
  5. Penalty for damage / destruction of the scooter in the amount of the balance sheet value of the scooter, which are not subject to repair / restoration.
  6. Damage in the amount of the cost of repair / restoration of the scooter in case of damage to the scooter.
  7. Penalty for failure to photograph the scooter (lack of a photo in the application after the end of the trip) 500 UAH.
  8. Penalty for using a scooter by more than one person (regardless of age) 500 UAH, for every person.
  9. Penalty for transporting goods on a scooter 500 UAH.
  10. Penalty for failure to report a breakdown of the scooter that occurred during the trip of the User UAH 250, with the obligation of the latter to compensate for the cost of repairing the scooter (a fine in the amount of the book value of the scooter if the scooter cannot be repaired).
  11. In the event that the next User, after using the scooter by the previous User, the Lessor is notified of the detected defect / malfunction of the scooter, the previous User is obliged to pay the Lessor a fine, damage and the cost of transporting the scooter.


Restricted zones


Pay attention to the zones indicated on the map in the application, in which the following restrictions apply:


Purple zone – the maximum speed of the vehicle is limited due to heavy traffic of cars and pedestrians.


Red zone (parking ban) – parking is prohibited. If you leave your vehicle within this area, a fine may be charged to your bank card.


Black zone (no entry) – no entry. In this zone, the vehicle will stop working, return to the zone for riding. If you leave your vehicle within this area, a fine may be charged to your bank card.


Vehicle characteristics


The maximum speed of the electric scooter reaches 20 km/h, the maximum speed of the electric moped is 40 km/h. Some areas have speed limits due to heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The borders of the restricted speed areas (purple zone) are marked on the map in the app.


The electric scooter is designed for one person weighing up to 120 kg, the electric moped is designed for weight up to 160 kg.


Vehicles not available


If there are no available vehicles on the map, please pay attention to the possible reasons:


At the moment, all vehicles are used or unloaded.


Vehicles are not available due to weather conditions (heavy rain, gusty winds) or you are trying to travel during hours when vehicles are not available. In this case, you will see a corresponding notification when you try to open the application.


Can’t find the type of vehicle you need in the app


  • – To display the type of vehicles you need in the mobile application, use the Filter in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • – To use e-Moped you need to pass a one-time verification, which includes adding a Driver’s License (of any category) and your Selfie to the application.
    This verification allows you to make sure that the user has knowledge of the rules of the road and is of legal age.
  • – To avoid trip interruption, we recommend using the automatic top-up feature.
    You can activate auto-replenishment in the My Wallet section, which is located in the Menu of your mobile application.
  • – Be careful and wear a helmet every time you ride.
    Before you end your ride, don’t forget to connect your helmet to the e-Moped and close the case.


Can’t find vehicle


Finding a vehicle can be a problem due to GPS issues if the vehicle is parked on private property or in a location that is difficult to access. In this case, please try to find another vehicle through the app.


After selecting a vehicle in the app, we recommend that you unlock it only after you are near it.


Vehicle parked incorrectly


If you notice that the vehicle is parked in a place that cannot be reached, located on private property, or parked outside the parking zone (green zone), please let us know via the app. We’ll make sure it’s picked up as soon as possible!


Unable to unlock vehicle


If you are unable to unlock the vehicle via the QR code, please make sure the vehicle is available in the app.


If you are unable to start a trip after unlocking the vehicle, please contact support.


Unable to complete trip


If you are unable to complete your trip, please check the following:


You are in an area where parking is allowed. You can see the boundaries of the parking zone (green zone) and the zone with no parking in the application.

Check if location services are enabled on your device.


Safety regulations


  • – follow the general rules of the road
  • – do not interfere with pedestrians and cars, use a helmet
  • – there are fines for parking in places prohibited for this
  • – do not drive while intoxicated, do not overload the vehicle
  • – park so as not to disturb anyone, lower the footboard while holding the vehicle behind the wheel
  • – vehicles under guard





Limited Liability Company “ZELECTRA” offers its Users a short-term lease (rental) of two-wheeled vehicles with electric motors (mopeds/scooters) with a capacity of less than 3 kW.


We have created a network for Scooter rental and now Users can find, rent, and use electric mopeds/scooters with the help of the ZELECTRA mobile application.


ZELECTRA Limited Liability Company (ZELECTRA LLC) is a legal entity duly established, registered, and operating following the current legislation of Ukraine, identification code (USREOU code – 43532527).


Location of the legal entity: Ukraine, Kyiv.